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Hunting at Okau Station

Successful huntersWhether you are seeking some venison for the freezer, a set of antlers to hang on the wall,  the opportunity of taking the trophy of a lifetime, or just a good time enjoying the New Zealand outdoors with some good friends, Gert and Christine are able to provide a memorable event for you. All hunting is under true "fair chase" game hunting conditions, the deer are truly wild and the property is over 5000 acres and is unfenced. the park offers  a full range of hunting conditions from excellent bush hunting, creekbeds, semi open tops to bush edges. There are well placed hides and treestands very usefull for either bow hunters or even rifle hunters.  It is also excellent terrain for the spot and stalk method or hunting (the most successfull for trophy hunting) all hunting is mostly done on foot.  Okau Forest Park on its Eastern boundary runs for 5 km along the Pacific Ocean, rising rapidly from there up into the coastal ranges to the west.

There are three hunting cabins:


  - 8 bed (three bedrooms)

  - 10 bed (three bedrooms)

  - 3 bed single roomed cabin

in the park.

As well there are two small spotting cabins. These cabins are basic and do not have electricity cooking is by open fire and access is by 4 wheel bike. For the hunter who wishes to hunt with all the comforts of home the hunting from a self contained flat at the homestead is also excellent.

The hunters who are reasonably fit will be able to cover substantially greater parts of the block, of which some areas are quite steep. So physical fitness can enhance the hunters opportunity to pursue the trophy stags in the less accessible portions of the property. Gert has successfully guided hunters from a young 11 year old, through to a senior 75 year old. Gert comments that while a high degree of physical fitness is not essential, it can be an asset to the hunter.

Over the last twenty seasons all of the guided hunters had the opportunity to take a mature stag.All have gone home with a 10 point red deer stag or better on the free-range hunt . in recent years most have gone home with a trophy over 14 points. They weren't just lucky. Why not ? Because Okau wilderness park is part of a  catchment area of over 200 square miles of coastal ranges, providing a huge breeding ground for Red deer. This country is some of the best natural deer terrain in New Zealand, and has assured survival of the deer in spite of heavy recreational and commercial hunting pressure in the past. A careful game management plan, and a limited number of hunters trips each year ensures an abundance of trophy animals are available for each hunter.

Since 1987 the game population on Okau Station has been managed by Gert, for the enhancement of trophy potential. But the adult stags can still be very "canny", and the excellent guiding usually makes the difference. 

Gert is confident enough to offer a refund of NZ$1000 if he is unable to put a hunter in line of sights with at least an 10 point red deer stag during the five day free-range trophy hunt ! Gert states "To date we have had 100% success to date in the stalking of a mature red deer stag for our clients".

The best opportunities for free-range trophy red stags, in New Zealand runs from March to June (through fall to early winter). The rut, or roar, as it is known in New Zealand, runs from March through to mid May.

Since 1999 Okau wilderness park can also offer the trophy hunters estate trophy hunting.  We recommend this type of hunting for the hunter who is hoping for a red deer trophy over 345 SCI score, this is an easier hunting option than the freerange hunt three days guided hunting will guarantee you a shot at a trophy size of your choice

As well as red deer, the property holds a herd of Fallow deer, which are also reaching some very good trophy sizes. Herds of wild goats, wild pigs and Arapawa rams also inhabit the property, as do some other small game animals and birds.



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