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grassing the slopes

Gert glassing the slopes for the roaring stag


A stag only metres away - and still relaxed !

hunters at Hut

Happy hunters at Wilderness Hut



About Okau Park

Okau Wilderness Park, Mataikona, Wairarapa, New Zealand Is a privately owned and managed forest Park it provides an ideal habitat for red and fallow deer, as well as goats, pigs and several species of small game animals and birds, including wild turkeys. Guided hunting provides bow and rifle hunters the opportunity to take home a great trophy head.

Gert and Christine Vermeer own and manage Okau Wilderness Park which is situated near Castlepoint in the Wairarapa region of New Zealand. These eastern North Island coastal ranges were a release point for red deer from Windsor Park in England, over 140 years ago. Okau Wilderness Park comprises over 5,000 acres of native forest or regenerating forest, which provides an ideal habitat for red and fallow deer, wild pigs (boar) and goats. The eco-system on Okau runs from the sea coast, up to 2,000 feet altitude, with several complete watersheds that run out to the ocean. This offers hunters the opportunity to hunt bush edges, creek beds, mountain tops, clearings and within the bush itself, and provides a broad range of opportunities for hunters using rifle or bow.

Over the 20years Gert and Christine have been based at Okau Park, he has come to recognise the potential offered for deerstalking due to the high quality of stags on this property. 

The coastal hills of the Wairarapa have long been recognised as trophy producing country and Okau Wilderness Park certainly provides proof of this.

Okau Wilderness Park Offers Free-range hunting for red deer Fallow deer as well as Wild goats and pigs, there are no fences or barriers. The natural geographic boundaries protect these hills from over hunting.The deer on this property are truly wild deer, but the light hunting pressure leaves the deer very calm and approachable, making stalking and assessment of animals prior to shooting quite straightforward. Stags with less than 10 points are usually left to mature further, and only the better trophies sought each year. A surprising number of high quality animals are taken each roar.

For the hunters wanting world class Red deer trophy's over 312 SCI score Okau park would recommend and also offer Estate hunting, an area over 1000 acres of still hardcore game habitat, within the estate Mature red deer stags are 14 points minimum and go up to over 400 SCI score Fallow stags are also worldclass                

There is a choice of hunting accomadation available.A selfcontained two bedroomed flat at the homestead with all the comforts (normally used by the estate hunters or the hunters with non hunter combination)                                                              

Also available are two bush cabins one with two bedroms and one with three bedrooms (mosly used by the free-range hunters). Both cabins are of high standard, and are spacious and warm if hunters are confined to base due to inclement weather conditions.Also situated throughout the park are three small well located spotting cabins with one or two bunks and gas stove. there are also some perminent tree-stands and waterproof hides well situated for bow hunters

Gert provides a full guided service, so during a roar trip, each hunter has the choice of eiter a one hunter one guide option or a two to three hunters one guide option, for the two hunter one guide option each hunter can expect 2 - 3 days of fully guided hunting, with the balance of time spent hunting alone. Younger animals can be sighted in a relatively casual manner from well located lookout points"

To date, no hunter has left Okau Station disappointed. Since 1997, only two hunters have failed to take away a head of 10 points or greater. Every hunter has agreed that they have had opportunities to take good stags.

The park also provides great access to one of the richest New Zealand fishing grounds with extensive coastline fishing, either by boat or from shore. Hunters seeking some diversity are able to gather abalone, lobster and many delicious fish species. Most meals served during a trip at Okau will include some local seafood and / or wild game, for a complete "taste of New Zealand".

Other recreational activities within a short drive from Okau include a golf course, hotel, general store, cafe and bar, surfing or boating. Other local activities available include trout fishing, jet boating, or wine tasting.

For details of hunting options and prices of trips, please look at the Prices page. 

For some pictures of trophies from the 2007 roar, click here. There are some further pictures from earlier years here


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