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What to Bring to Okau Station


Free range, fair chase deerstalking for trophy red stags, fallow deer, wild goats, wild pigs and other small game animals.  Hunters need only bring minimal personal requirements for their deerstalking trip.

All food and drink is provided by Gert and Christine during your stay at Okau, all included in the price of your hunt.

New Zealand has a highly unpredictable climate, particularly during the roar in autumn and winter. Warm clothing and some waterproof gear is essential, in case of bad weather.  Gert suggests the following:





Rifle - .243 or larger calibre preferred ( we can supply a suitable riffle at a cost if required )
Day Pack
Light boots
Warm clothing - non scratch material for hunting
Swandri or waterproof coat

Sleeping Bag

Personal Effects



Suitable firearms can be provided if required.  For hunters wishing to bring their own firearms into New Zealand, the process is usually straight forward.  Check with your airline before making your travel bookings for their regulations on carrying firearms.   Should your airline not permit the carriage of firearms, check with Air New Zealand, as this airline does permit passengers to bring firearms - but always check on booking.

On arrival in New Zealand, firearms must be declared to the New Zealand Police on the way through Customs and Immigration.   A temporary tourist firearm license costs around NZ$25 and is normally issued immediately.

Please note that HANDGUNS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN NEW ZEALAND!  Also note that at present it is legal to bring semi-automatic rifles into New Zealand, it is very difficult to actually receive clearance to do so.  We therefore recommend you do not attempt to bring semi-auto rifles with you.

Suitable calibres start from .243, but remember a big Red Stag does take some stopping, and the New Zealand terrain does demand quick kills.  The .270 calibre and upwards are more highly recommended, particularly for any inexperienced hunters.

For bow hunters, the minimum recommended draw weight for a bow is 55lbs.

Further details are available on our NZ Firearms Law page

"We provide a real hunting experience in a world where real hunting is a diminishing resource."

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