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Hunting Prices and Trip Schedules

Top Year 2000 trophyHunters are advised to book early to avoid disappointment, as once the bookings are full, no further trips can be accommodated.  Prices quoted below are all inclusive of trophy fees, guiding fees, food, accommodation.   There are no additional costs, unless additional animals are taken.



In New Zealand, the red stags roar (rut) begins in our autumn (fall) season, commencing mid March and concluding in late May and tailing off into June.  The hunting block is closed to all hunting from December through until mid-March when trophy hunting and the rut begins, and remains open for the rest of the calendar year.  Good trophies are obtainable throughout winter and spring, until September, at which time the red stags shed their antlers. Free-range hunts are most successful during the roar period.

With a long history of Warnham and Woburn red deer bloodlines in this area, a world record stag could be secured at Okau.  In fact, in the Okau Park 2016 roar, a hunter took an over 30 point red deer stag! Okau is well known for its excellent free range hunting, there remains at least an 80% forest cover, giving stags the ideal habitat to sustain hunting pressure and grow out to a mature age, offering hunters an excellent chance for 10 to 14 point stags up to 270 SCI score (very few stags would go over that score in the free-range area).

For the hunter hoping to get a large trophy red deer stag of 14 points and over from 270 SCI score to over 400 SCI score we have an estate hunting block within a large area of natural game habitat where we are better able to manage the wild game to improve the trophy quality, and this is still to be regarded as a fair chase hunt.

Bookings for the 2024 and 2025 seasons are now offered.  Many excellent dates are still available. A non refundable deposit of 20% of the hunt your are booking secures a trophy hunt.  Okau offers 3 different options for hunters, dependent upon your available time and requirements. 

The costs quoted are all inclusive, including the trophy fee, all accommodation, meals, and drinks during the trip.  As for extra species, larger trophies or extra days, there would be some extra costs as specified below.  A pick up and delivery of hunting parties between Wellington and Okau Park is available for Option 1 and Option 2 hunts only.  With all of the hunt options hunts can be based from either the bush lodge (three bedrooms, no electricity) or a self contained beach bach with meals at the homestead.

Please note the following are summaries of the hunts we offer, so follow the links to each option for further information.


Option 1:  Free-Range Trophy Hunt

Offers up to 5 days of free range trophy hunting during the roar for a mature stag either Red or Fallow deer, with one or two hunters with one guide, for the price of NZ$4,000 per hunter. This includes a mature red deer stag of 8 points up to 12 points, or a trophy fallow stag. The price for a red stag between 13 and 16 points is $5,500 and for stags in excess of 16 points, prices are available on enquiry. These prices are inclusive of all food and accomodation.

For the hunter who is only interested in a stag of 13 points or over the estate hunt would be the best option.

Fallow deer stags, as well as extra red deer stags, can be added to this hunt for an extra cost.  (recommended hunting time of year from 26th March till 10th May).

This option offers hunters a guaranteed roar hunting experience with roaring stags to be heard each day and a NZ$1,000 money back guarantee if we can't put you within shooting range of a 10 point red deer stag or better over the five day hunt. Most hunters would get the opportunity for 12 point stag on this hunt.


Option 2:  Estate Trophy Hunt   

This option is for the hunter only interrested in a large trophies. The estate is a large natural game habitat area with lots of cover and is very much a fair chase hunt.  Offers 3 to 5 days trophy hunting for large trophy red deer stags as follows:

10 - 14 points (Bronze)             NZ$5,500

15 - 20 points (Silver)               NZ$7,500

20 or more points (Gold)             POA


Option 3:   Meat / Cull Stag Hunt

A morning or evening guided casual hunt for up to 2 hunters seeking cull type stags or meat animals only. This option is not available during the roar season. The cost is NZ$400 for a Fallow deer, or NZ$550 for a red deer.

Or an overnight guided hunting trip for a maximum of 3 hunters is available. This trip includes 2 fallow deer or 1 red deer per hunter, and includes accommodation and meals, with the total cost of NZ$700 per person. Or if you prefer to self cater, the cost would be NZ$600 per person.

Alternatively, a 2 night guided hunting trip for 4 or more hunters is possible. This trip includes 2 fallow deer or 1 red deer per hunter, and includes accommodation and meals, with the total cost of NZ$1,000 per person. Or if you prefer to self cater, the cost would be NZ$800 per person.

Cull type stags are available from NZ$400 to NZ$800, at our discretion.  The recommended hunting time of year from 10th May till end of November.

We can guarantee a shot at a deer on any of these casual hunting options.

Note: the casual hunts do not include pick up and delivery from from Wellington. 

We also offer guided cull stag hunting after the main roar. This hunt is for cull type stags only for two hunters with one guide for 2 to 4 days and includes all food and accommodation during the hunt and up to two cull stags per hunter, the all inclusive cost being NZ$2,500 per hunter.


Extra Costs For Additional Animals and Services

  • Fallow Cull Stag   NZ$250
  • Fallow Deer   NZ$150
  • Fallow Yearling   NZ$100
  • Red Deer Hind   NZ$300
  • Red Deer Yearling  $200
  • Red Deer Spiker  $300
  • Red Deer Cull Stag  NZ$500+
  • Gun Hire $50
  • Animal skinning from NZ$50
  • Transport from or to Wellington Airport NZ$400 each way

Please note prices advertised on this website are only available for trips booked directly with us.



Non hunters are welcome at a cost of NZ$200 per person per day, which includes accommodation and meals.


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