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About Gert & Christine Vermeer

Gert and ChristineGert and Christine provide a great service to their hunting clients, and have a long association with professional guiding for trophy hunters seeking red, fallow or sika deer trophies in New Zealand. As well as a successful hunting trip, a great trip is promised by your genial hosts.

Gert and Christine Vermeer have been involved professionally in the business of wild game recovery since 1970, including meat hunting, live deer recovery, and the fur trade. For almost 30 years Gert has offered his services as a hunting guide. Gert and Christine are members of the Safari Club International, and Gert is a qualified SCI scorer.

Gert had spent some time locating a suitable block of land to establish this venture, and was pleased to be able to purchase Okau Station in 1987. The Station has been a traditional sheep and cattle station, but held numbers of wild deer and other game. Gert recognised that the coastal hills of the Wairarapa provided a broad and ideal habitat for wild deer, and that the red deer on the property showed significant indication of descendency from Windsor Park strains, known for their top trophy potential. The property was purchased for the express purpose of developing a wildlife park, and since 1987, the Vermeer's ongoing management plan has been successful at retaining a real hunting environment, while seeking to constantly improve the trophy potential of all species of game on the property.

Gert then patiently waited for deer numbers to build to a sustainable level, and trophy quality became acceptable. Gert has a good understanding of the bush, bushlore and specifically of hunting, and he has considerable knowledge which he is happy to share. All hunters, whether young or old, experienced or not, could learn much from this man who has spent a great part of his life in the "great outdoors" in New Zealand

Both Gert and Christine like to ensure that the "New Zealand experience" is very much a part of every hunters trip. Any hunter who has visited Okau will attest to the genial natureof their hosts. Many hunters conclude their trip a few pounds heavier than when they arrived, which is testimony to the ability of both Gert and Christine in the kitchen!

"We provide a real hunting experience in a world where real hunting is a diminishing resource."

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