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Hunting Laws in New Zealand

Those hunters who wish to bring their own firearms into New Zealand should familiarise themselves with the rules that apply to the temporary importation of firearms.  Also, hunters should check with airlines before booking tickets regarding individual airlines policies on carrying firearms.

New strict legislation was introduced in New Zealand in 2023 making it much more difficult to bring your own firearms into the country. For this reason, we recommend using our own firearms for your hunt, unless you are prepared to invest considerable time and effort in complying with the new regulations.

Before you bring firearms into New Zealand you should check if the firearms you intend to bring with you are approved makes and models, as there are very strict rules in this regard, especially semi-automatic firearms. Handguns are unlikely to be permitted under any circumstances.

Note: Even without a licence, you may use a firearm if you are under the direct supervision of someone who does hold a Firearms Licence.

Also remember that Okau has rifles available for your use, but please notify us at the time of booking your trip if you wish to use these. There is no additional cost to use our rifles during the roar hunts, but a small charge is added for those using our rifles for meat hunts.

For the latest information on importing a firearm for hunting, please visit the NZ Firearms Safety Authority.

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