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Some points of interest from the 2017 season:

For our free-range trophy hunts we achieved a 100% success rate, with red deer stags shot ranging from a 8 point stag up to 12 points. Some                                                

very good Fallow deer well over 200 SCI score were also taken. Wild goats and pigs were plentiful and some good trophy horns and tusks taken. For diversity, some turkey hunting was also done.

With the estate hunting some very large red deer trophy over twenty points were taken    

u Station    

Enquire now for the 2018 Trophy Hunt Specials.  Available for 2 hunters or more coming as a group.  2 stags for the price of 1.  Includes a large 14 point Red Deer Stag up to 340sci estate hunt as well as free range hunt for a Mature Red Deer Stag up to 12 points or a Trophy Fallow Stag.  Up to 5 days, all inclusive cost US$4200 per hunter                                                                                                                                                        


On our casual meat hunts all of the hunters have had success with some getting up to 4 deer for the trip with a good number of pigs and goats also being taken.


Free-range trophy hunting as well as estate trophy hunting and casual meat hunt bookings are now being taken for the rest of the 2017 roar season as well as the 2018 roar.

We still have some trophy hunts available for the 2017 season during May and June

The roar period in New Zealand runs from 1st April through to the 10th May, with the peak of it normally being from the 5th April till the 25th April.

All hunting is on Okau Willderness Park, a privately owned forest park over 5,000 acres which is part of a large coastal wairarapa mountain range. The park is not deer fenced.

This spring and summer have given good growth conditions, with the game being in very good condition, therefore some excellent trophies are about.

Trophy hunters wishing to hunt for the 2018 season are advised to book early if they are hoping to hunt during the roar period.

The cost per hunter for up to five days free-range trophy hunt for 10 point red deer stag or over up to 13 points or a trophy Fallow stag is NZ$3,500, includes a stag up to 13 points guiding and all food and accomadation during the hunt

For a roar time cull type stag hunt red or Fallow for two hunters or more is NZ$1900 per hunter, all inclusive (includes up to 2 stags per hunter) up to five days hunting guiding all food and accommadation during the hunt. Available from late April to June


For the hunter wanting a large red deer trophy over 14 points the estate hunt would be recommended

Cost for the basic estate trophy hunt for a red deer stag of 14 points and over up to 18 points US$4200 all inclusive up to five days                                                                                                        For larger red deer stags over 350 SCI or 18points POA

For more details go to the prices and trip schedules page.

Bookings for casual hunting are now available through until 15th December 2017. and after May 2018

For a booking go to the enquiry page, or contact us at, or

Ph 06 3726 441 or 06 3726892 add the country code (+64) if calling from overseas.

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Deerstalking. Fully guided free-range deer hunting trips for trophy red deer stags and hunting for other New Zealand game species, including Fallow deer bucks, Wild Boar.Wild Goat and wild turkey as well as from the South is.Chamois and TharTrips include accommodation and meals, pick up and delivery from Wellington,trophy preparation for export. other outdoors activities (fishing, diving, tramping, surfcasting). all with New Zealand's deer hunting outfitter, Okau Wilderness Park, Wairarapa, New Zealand. All hunting is on land privately owned by Professional Guiding Services Limited, and Gert & Christine Vermeer, who have over 40 years experience and success in guiding and outfitting in New Zealand.

Our speciallity is to provide a free-range and real hunting experience.





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